White Chocolate Body Balm

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by Chateau Mcely

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White Chocolate Body Balm, 200 ml

1 490 Kč

This cocoa-scented body balm with vanilla and bergamot essencial oils provides your skin with maximum nourishment. It contains extracts of chamomile, a deeply nourishing and regenerating combination of cocoa butter and beeswax along with two of the most effective oils – coconut and macadamia. As it does not contain essential oils, it is very gentle, suitable for sensitive skin, including children and those with allergies. Effective against fatigue, stress and nervousness. 

200 ml

Cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E, vanilla, bergamot.

After bathing, scoop a small amount of body balm into your hand. Once the warmth of your hands has softened the balm, releasing the wonderful cocoa smell, apply it to your body. After a few moments, wrap yourself in a towel or terrycloth robe and let the balm penetrate more deeply into your skin.

Cleansing Sage Ritual

Sage Body Scrub, Daisy Body Oil, Melissa Body Balm, (Tangerine Candy Scrub, White Chocolate Balm)

What the complete Mcely Glow does for the face, the Cleansing Sage Ritual achieves for the whole body. The purifying sage scrub contains Himalayan salt, which has powerful detoxifying effects, drawing out impurities from the body. Indulge in this ritual once a week to instantly make you feel younger and fresher. Thoroughly massage the sage scrub into dry skin all over your body. If you have time, immerse yourself completely in a warm bath and enjoy the regenerating effects of the peel for a while. Finally, shower, dry yourself, and massage your entire body with sensual Daisy Body Oil or nourishing Melissa Body Balm.

Our tip: If you have sensitive skin, we recommend replacing the Sage Body Scrub with Tangerine Candy Scrub and using White Chocolate Balm, which is suitable for problematic skin or those suffering from eczema as it does not contain essential oils.

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