Saint John´s Wort Hair Elixir

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by Chateau Mcely

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Saint John's Wort Hair Elixir, 100 ml

We are working on a new packaging with a fresh new design so we sell the last original peaces.

1 290 Kč

A deeply nourishing blend of oils, extracts and essential oils ideal for the treatment of stressed hair; this product is dominated by St. John´s Wort, the queen of local Nine herbs. Even until the present day, it has been picked on the hills surrounding Chateau Mcely around midnight on St. John´s night when its effects are at their strongest. This folk tradition is actually confirmed by scientific research, which shows a powerful influence on hair regeneration and growth due to the substance astilbin. This elixir regenerates hair from root to tip leaving it glossy and revived. It reduces hair loss and dandruff.

100 ml


Saint John´s Wort, jojoba, rosemary, wild thyme, coconut oil, geranium.

Massage into dry scalp and through the hair once a week. Leave for 10 - 30 minutes. Shampoo thoroughly and continue with your usual hair care.

Tip: For a more intensive treatment, wrap overnight. The elixir is also suitable for greasy hair.

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