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by Chateau Mcely

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Mint Foot Relief, 50 ml

750 Kč

This balm is rich in the essential oils of mint, black pepper and camphor. These help relieve foot tiredness, strengthen blood circulation and reduce swelling. Shea butter and cocoa butter together with jojoba oil thoroughly regenerate and soften the skin of the foot.

50 ml

Mint, rosemary, black pepper, camphor, shea and cocoa butter, jojoba.

After a long day in heels or partaking in sport, massage your tired feet and calves using the balm. For more intensive care, feet should first be treated with Sage Body Peeling. Afterwards rinse, dry and apply a thick layer of mint balm. Try leaving the balm to work for a couple of hours by slipping a pair of cotton socks on top.

Tip: The balm is also suitable for massaging sore backs.

Ritual for Beautiful Feet

Sage Body Scrub, Mint Foot Relief, Nine Flowers Balm

Prepare a sufficiently large basin of warm water. Start your foot care with a dynamic but gentle massage using Sage Body Scrub to remove callused skin on the heels and stimulate blood circulation, regeneration, and healing. Jojoba oil, extracts of five local herbs, and nine essential oils provide intense moisture for the skin on your feet. Then rinse the scrub off. Enjoy a warm foot bath and take a moment to think about what you are or can be grateful for today.

After a short relaxation, dry your feet and gently massage in Mint Foot Balm for intense hydration, improving the lymphatic system in swollen feet, and stimulating blood circulation in feet tired from walking in heels or standing all day. For deeper rejuvenation, apply a thicker layer of balm and pull on a pair of cotton socks. Ideally, leave it on overnight.

For abrasions, blisters, and corns, and painful big toes, use the miraculous Nine Flowers Balm.

“Strengthening Courage” Ritual

Yarrow Bath Oil, Mint Foot Relief, Wild Thyme Hand Balm, Nine Flowers Balm

Carry on the ancient tradition of anointing kings with precious oils before an important event, and treat yourself to an exceptional experience with Yarrow Bath Oil any time of day. Apply the oil to your whole body while in the shower. It contains both essential oil and extract of yarrow, which warriors have used for centuries to heal wounds of the body and soul. They also put it in an amulet as protection against all evil. Finally, rinse with clear water under the shower, without using shower gel or soap, then dry yourself with a towel or just slip into a terry bathrobe. Continue the care by applying Mint Foot Relief to help relieve foot fatigue, boost blood circulation, and reduce swelling. Shea butter together with jojoba oil thoroughly regenerate and soften the skin of your feet. Finally, treat your hands to a wrap with our Wild Thyme Hand Balm. For problem areas, you can replace the hand balm with the miraculous Nine Flowers Balm for faster healing.

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