The Heavenly Queen of Mcely Collection

To support herself, her colleagues,  and her guests, Inéz Cusumano, the founder of Chateau Mcely, has returned to the roots of the chateau and sought in its history a representative of a higher power to which the predecessors of this place turned to for comfort and help during periods of great hardship. The collection is intended as a non-profit endeavor - we will use only the highest quality materials and make only a limited number of pieces. We expect to cover the cost and perhaps make a small profit, which in this case we will donate to projects to strengthen women’s voices in areas where they are less heard. More

2 items total
mikina pmm 1
1 890 Kč

High quality hooded sweatshirt featuring an image of the Heavenly Queen of Mcely.  The sweatshirt is part of the Heavenly Queen of Mcely charity collection.

Good Samaritan Oil
690 Kč

Roll-on perfume for application on neck and wrists


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