Strengthening Courage

Gift Collection

by Chateau Mcely

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Strengthening Courage

As per the ancient tradition of anointing a King with precious oil before significant events, treat yourself to an exceptional regal experience at the beginning of the day with Yarrow Bath Oil.

Gift collection includes 5 products for body care.

4 250 Kč

Sage Body Scrub, Yarrow Bath Oil, Wild Thyme Hand Balm, Mint Foot Relief, Nine Flowers Balm.

For a relaxing start to the day, apply strengthening Yarrow Bath Oil to your entire body then take a warm shower. In the evening, treat yourself to a bath. Massage your entire body with our cleansing Sage Body Scrub. Then immerse yourself in a relaxing warm tub. After your bath, treat your tired feet with our Mint Foot Relief and your hands with our protective Wild Thyme Hand Balm. On sensitive areas of the skin that require special care, use our regenerative Nine Flowers Balm.

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