Seagull’s Revenge: Beyond Fear


by Chateau Mcely

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Seagull’s Revenge: Beyond Fear

The 2021 pre-Christmas book release by James A. Cusumano, co-founder of Chateau Mcely

390 Kč

The story takes the reader into the exciting world of a new breed of superhero. It also explores the journey of life and the pilgrimage to find and fulfill the much needed meaning of life. Seagull's Revenge: Beyond Fear is book two of The Luc Ponti Chronicles. Dr. Sergei Karlovich—codenamed Seagull—is one of the most brilliant, powerful, and dangerous of Russian operatives. He seeks a hideous form of revenge for what Luc Ponti and his SPI (Super Paranormal Intelligence) Team wrought on his daughter, Tamara Carlin, a Russian double agent within the CIA. Should Seagull succeed, the world could fall under Russian dominance.

Book Two of The Luc Ponti Chronicles, Seagull's Revenge, is a fusion of deep-state espionage, science, technology, politics, and the supernatural, experienced through the eyes of the three members of the SPI Team, each of whom has been gifted with unique superpowers after their near-death experiences (NDE).

Woven throughout the novel's narrative of foreign intrigue are examples of immense power hiding in plain sight, accessible by intimately understanding the Meaning of Life and Life Purpose, both available at higher levels of consciousness. It leaves the reader with an important message: Everything is connected in ways we could never have imagined.

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