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by Chateau Mcely

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Sage Body Scrub, 200 ml

1 190 Kč

This mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea salt and precious essential oils gently removes dead cells and leaves your skin velvet smooth and youthful. Extracts of five local herbs and nine essential oils led by sage, wild thyme and myrrh clean the pores, regenerate the complexion and provide relief from nervous exhaustion, insomnia and tired muscles. It envelops you gently in a veil, which will regenerate and smooth out your skin for several hours after your bath.

200 ml

Sage, Himalaya salt, wild thyme, myrrh, lemon grass, jojoba.

Massage a handful of the Sage Body Peeling energetically but gently into the dry skin of your entire body. Afterwards shower off with clean water.

Tip: To increase the effect, immerse yourself in warm water for 15 minutes before showering.


Cleansing Sage Ritual

Sage Body Scrub, Daisy Body Oil, Melissa Body Balm, (Tangerine Candy Scrub, White Chocolate Balm)

What the complete Mcely Glow does for the face, the Cleansing Sage Ritual achieves for the whole body. The purifying sage scrub contains Himalayan salt, which has powerful detoxifying effects, drawing out impurities from the body. Indulge in this ritual once a week to instantly make you feel younger and fresher. Thoroughly massage the sage scrub into dry skin all over your body. If you have time, immerse yourself completely in a warm bath and enjoy the regenerating effects of the peel for a while. Finally, shower, dry yourself, and massage your entire body with sensual Daisy Body Oil or nourishing Melissa Body Balm.

 Our tip: If you have sensitive skin, we recommend replacing the Sage Body Scrub with Tangerine Candy Scrub and using White Chocolate Balm, which is suitable for problematic skin or those suffering from eczema as it does not contain essential oils.

Tender Caress Ritual

Sage Body Scrub, Tangerine Candy Scrub, Royal Herbal Spritz, Wild Thyme Hand Balm

Treat your hands once a week to deep cleansing, regeneration, and protection. Apply Sage or Tangerine Scrub to dry hands and massage them as long and as thoroughly as you feel comfortable. Rinse them with clean water and dry them. Spray Royal Herbal Spritz on your hands and rub a bit of Wild Thyme Hand Balm lightly in your still-damp palms. Bring your hands to your face and take several deep breaths in and out. Imagine you are slowly walking through the summer forest of your childhood, surrounded by the beautiful scents of trees and herbs, the intense fragrance of blossoming wild thyme. Massage the balm gently into your hands, even up to your elbows. Become aware of new feelings of calm, harmony, comfort, and solace. For an exceptionally soft touch, do this ritual just before bedtime. Apply a thicker layer of hand balm, put on white cotton gloves, and keep them on until you wake up. Don’t forget to lavish tender caresses afterwards.

Ritual for Beautiful Feet

Sage Body Scrub, Mint Foot Relief, Nine Flowers Balm

Prepare a sufficiently large basin of warm water. Start your foot care with a dynamic but gentle massage using Sage Body Scrub to remove callused skin on the heels and stimulate blood circulation, regeneration, and healing. Jojoba oil, extracts of five local herbs, and nine essential oils provide intense moisture for the skin on your feet. Then rinse the scrub off. Enjoy a warm foot bath and take a moment to think about what you are or can be grateful for today.

After a short relaxation, dry your feet and gently massage in Mint Foot Balm for intense hydration, improving the lymphatic system in swollen feet, and stimulating blood circulation in feet tired from walking in heels or standing all day. For deeper rejuvenation, apply a thicker layer of balm and pull on a pair of cotton socks. Ideally, leave it on overnight.

For abrasions, blisters, and corns, and painful big toes, use the miraculous Nine Flowers Balm.

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