Rose Conditioning Mist, 30 ml

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by Chateau Mcely

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Rose Conditioning Mist, 30 ml

Unique, versatile floral water made from the first distillation of Bulgarian Damascus rose otto
Practical travel packaging.

450 Kč

Unique, versatile floral water made from the first distillation of Bulgarian Damascus rose otto. Hydrates, tones, soothes, and refreshes the skin. 

30 ml

Rosa Damascena, Flower Water.

Spritz lightly over the face or apply using a cotton pad.

Rose is a Rose

Rose Facial Serum, Royal Herbal Spritz, Rose Conditioning Mist

The culmination of the Mcely Bouquet-style treatment is the application of a few drops of Rose Facial Serum to a face cleansed and toned with Royal Herbal Spritz or pure Rose Conditioning Mist. Take a moment to observe how you feel on a psychological and emotional level when you apply it. The rose - the queen of flowers - with its heavenly aroma is the perfect scent of female beauty and harmony, poetry, and myths. The rose enters your heart, expanding to strengthen your inner faith in the power of love. It gently but effectively fights depression, sadness, and feelings of insecurity. Our Bulgarian supplier uses 4000 kilograms of fresh rose petals to produce one kilogram of rare essential oil. Dozens of kilograms of daisies, lemon balm, calendula, yarrow, and chamomile flowers from the Czech meadows have lent their healing power to our extracts. They’re combined with the other ingredients to create a potent nourishing elixir that works intensively for hours after application to keep your skin looking younger and healthier and your heart happier.

Mcely Glow

Sea Buckthorn Eye Balm, Rosemary Butter Cleanser, Royal Herbal Spritz, Rose Conditioning Mist, Divine Herbal Cream, Rose Facial Serum, Calendula Face Mask, Saint John’s Wort Hair Elixir

Even after the busiest of days, take a few minutes to cleanse your face for a little mental refreshment. Remove your eye makeup with Sea Buckthorn Eye Balm, which moisturizes and rejuvenates the area around your eyes while helping to prevent wrinkles. Then massage your face and décolleté with fragrant Rosemary Butter Cleanser. Soak a washcloth in hot water and apply it to your face, thoroughly removing all impurities and simulating an express steam bath for your face while indulging in gentle exfoliation. The skin will be better prepared to take advantage of the regenerating effects of the products. After drying, continue toning with Royal Herbal Spritz or natural Rose Conditioning Mist. Finally, apply Divine Herbal Cream or a few drops of Rose Facial Serum on your still-damp face. Once a week, or before an event when you need to look especially radiant, add a miraculous Calendula Face Mask to your cleansing ritual between the cleansing and toning steps. Enjoy the incredibly broad spectrum of the mask’s effects. Take advantage of the time you spend cleansing your face to clear and stop your flow of thoughts. Focus on the aromas of the essential oils to help you do this. We recommend adding a regenerating hair wrap using Saint John’s Wort Hair Elixir to the ritual once a week.

Awakening the Goddess of Love Ritual

Daisy Body Oil, Rose Facial Serum, Rose Conditioning Mist

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and step out of the “sea” like Aphrodite, ready to receive and share love. Dry yourself gently and massage your whole body lovingly with Daisy Body Oil. Start at the feet and slowly work your way up. Indulge in the sensual scent of all nine flowers - exotic jasmine, rose, neroli, geranium, local daisies, lemon balm, chamomile, calendula, and yarrow, whose essence heads straight for your heart. Become aware of your natural feminine beauty and attractiveness, your compelling irresistibility, and growing desire. Your heart is open, and love flows in all directions. You’re ready to share it generously. Finally, treat your face with Rose Facial Serum.

Our tip: After a too-hot bath, refresh your skin with a spritz of natural Rose Conditioning Mist.

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