Pure Air, 10 ml

Room Aromatherapy

by Chateau Mcely

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Pure Air, 10 ml

Pure essential oil aromatherapy blends to help you breathe more easily and create cleaner air using aroma lamps, diffusers, or a sauna to create an exceptional atmosphere, a sense of calm and harmony. Make time for yourself and your home rituals to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance. Create your own spa at home.

390 Kč

Essential oils: clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon

This intoxicating spicy mixture of clove and cinnamon essential oils blended with herbal and citrus sub-notes of rosemary and lemon will permeate every corner of your home, workplace, sports facilities, or children’s play area. Cinnamon gives a sense of security and invokes a feeling of warmth in your home. Combined with eucalyptus and rosemary, it helps cleans the air, and mood-improving lemon pleasantly freshens the space. Use: Release accumulated negative energy and create a sense of love in all its forms. Boost energy and the feelings of security and self-confidence. Suitable if you’re feeling fearful, sad, anxious, or uncertain.

Use: It warms and cares for your soul and is good when you’re feeling lonely. It helps relieve tension and nervousness. It helps to cope with difficult living situations and provides a pleasant feeling of calm and harmony.

MCELY BOUQUET Tip: Adjust the scent to your liking by adding a few drops of orange or mandarin orange essential oil to the aromatics.

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children.


Ceramic Aromalamp, CZK 1 990
We recommend a large ceramic aroma lamp. An exceptional large ceramic aroma lamp specially and traditionally handmade with love for the MCELY BOUQUET Collection in a small pottery workshop. This container can hold a greater amount of water and a larger candle can be placed underneath it. Thus it provides fragrance for a longer time without having to add water or exchange candles. The aroma lamp is cleverly wrapped in a hat box.

Home aromatherapy: Put a few drops of the blend into your diffuser or aroma lamp to refresh the space around you. It’s suitable not only for the home, but also for public areas for air purification and odor reduction.

Direct inhalation: Breathe in the blend directly from the bottle for an immediate sense of calm and harmony.

Pure Air: The mystical story of precious Good Samaritan Oil

Our precious Pure Air oil is based on the ancient, mystical, but still very relevant story of Good Samaritan Oil. Take an excursion back into medieval times with us! The tale has a dark beginning. In the 15th century, Europe was overrun by the black plague, which took the lives of over 200 million people and causing enormous damage to society. In 1413, four thieves were captured and charged with robbing homes where people had died of the plague. During the trial, they were offered amnesty in exchange for revealing the secret of how they avoided infection by the plague when they entered these houses! And their secret? These thieves were shown to be important perfumers and spice traders. They knew a secret formula that protected them from all diseases. The basis of this recipe was olive oil, infused with five essential oils – cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus. The thieves would spread this oil on objects and doors in the plague-affected homes and also to their wrists and neck, which led to it being nicknamed Thieves’ Oil.

Proven virus and bacteria control
It’s no coincidence that our Pure Air has a similar formula. It contains all the above-mentioned oils in the recommended proportions and serves to help prevent viral infections and respiratory diseases.

Spiritual dimension
The spiritual message of this blend is also significant. In 2016, the Virgin Mary appeared to a seer, Luz de Maria, in Costa Rica, and communicated to her a message of impending danger to humanity in the form of a contagious disease. She reiterated this message in 2018, shortly before a new type of coronavirus appeared in China. She appealed for the preventive use of “Thieves’ Oil" to protect against the disease and warned of a worldwide pandemic causing horror and fear. She also recommended that the blend be renamed more aptly as “Good Samaritan Oil”, in reference to the Bible story of the merciful, compassionate Samaritan.

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