Nine Flowers Gift Collection

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by Chateau Mcely

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Nine Flowers Gift Collection

9 products inspired by the 9 flowers of Mcely’s Nine Flowers Tradition for 9 home rituals.

9 550 Kč

Rose Facial Serum 30 ml
Rosemary Butter Cleanser 100 ml
Saint John's Worth Hair Elixir 100 ml
Daisy Body Oil 100 ml
Wild Thyme Hand Balm 50 ml
Mint Foot Relief 50 ml
Royal Herbal Spritz 100 ml
Sage Body Scrub 200 ml
Melissa Body Balm 200 ml

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At the end of June, the Midsummer Nine Flowers bloom at the edges St. George Forest at Chateau Mcely. According to ancient pagan lore, during the summer solstice the life-giving power of the sun briefly weakens and the powerful forces of the earth are manifested. For generations, experienced herbalist grandmothers diligently collected these Midsummer Flowers in early summer, when the effective ingredients of herbs are at their highest level. They preferred collecting nine types of herbs, each of which comes from a different slope that receives various amounts of sunlight and has a different type of rich and nutritious soil which is typical for this area. The Nine Flowers collected from nine different slopes were then dried using ancient methods and then added to anti-inflammatory, soothing and cleansing teas, or were steeped in virgin vegetable oil, thereby gaining effective healing, regeneration or circulation balms for massage and wraps, or for beneficial bath oils. The number nine had a magical significance in traditional alchemical and astrological teachings, based on the belief in the divine order of the world and the universe into nine astral realms. During the memorable Marian Vision of 1849, the Celestial Queen told three girls in Mcely nine secrets. The medicinal extracts from the Nine Flowers were also used by local alchemists, supported by powerful patrons of the nearby castles, to produce an elixir of youth, health and beauty. To this day, we prepare for you at our chateau the regenerative and refreshing Nine Flower Drink, made from local solstice herbs according to the recipe of Mrs. Světla Dudková.

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