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The MCELY BOUQUET line of pure, natural, organic skincare products was developed by the owner of Chateau Mcely, Inéz Cusumano, with the intent to share the alchemical and herbal heritage of this historic aristocratic residence in the heart of Bohemia and its healing energy.

Balms, oils, serums, bath salts and masks are blended with love and respect right in the chateau laboratory in small batches only from the freshest and purest ingredients, free of any chemical modification.

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Secrets of the products

Balms, oils, serums, baths, tonics and masks are blended with a lot of love and respect in small batches right here in our laboratory at Chateau Mcely. They are made from only the freshest and purest not chemically adjusted ingredients. The important healing principles of our elixirs use rare essential oils in rich aromatherapeutic amounts, and the herbal extracts are prepared at Chateau Mcely from local herbs using traditional
alchemical procedures.
The elixirs operate on three levels; they rejuvenate and heal the skin, calm the mind and uplift the spirit. For a full experience of all these effects it is recommended to approach the suggested ritual with both an open mind and serenity of thought about the expected result.

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Herbal extracts

For the production of 1kg of extracts, 10kg of fresh herbs are used. The final choice of suitable combinations of herbs for each product is based on the latest scientific knowledge as well as on local herbal tradition.

Esential oils

The unique blend and concentration of pure EO in our products are chosen in order to work on three levels: to promote regeneration of the skin, to have an uplifting aromatherapeutic effect on the psyche and to be blended in an attractive combination as perfume. Most fragrances are inspired by Czech meadows and forests, some by exotic places. 


100% of all our packaging is recyclable and comes from the Czech Republic. The technology of the ultraviolet glass production was found in Bohemia where its production takes place. Boxes, etiquettes, ribbons as well as bags come from Czech suppliers. 


Only cold pressed unrefined vegetable oils, waxes and butters of organic quality and beeswax are used for the production of balms and oils. They are created using the rarest, and thus, the most expensive oils such as jojoba, rosehip, evening primrose and sea buckthorn.



Mcely Bouquet products do not contain any chemical preservatives and yet have a minimum of one year’s shelf life. We achieve this in three ways. Firstly, the choice of ingredients; secondly, our products are packaged with rare protective ultraviolet glass and lastly the absence of water. 


The complementary ceramic products and the porcelain candle container are handmade, according to our original designs, in small batches in a traditional ceramic studio.

Dear Friends,

Years ago, through a twist of fate, I ended up at a deserted chateau in the middle of the Czech countryside.
The chateau rested high above the surrounding landscape; before it were beautiful views into the distance and behind it a deep and mysterious forest. The only sounds were the singing birds and the breeze in the treetops. All around the intoxicating scent of herbs, hay and tree sap spread gently. This wonderful place has become my home and the perfect playground for my dreams, those of our guests, my colleagues and my family to be realized. I fell in love with the local herbal Nine Flowers tradition and I wished very much to make use of the rejuvenating and healing powers of the local herbs in cosmetic products.
My husband has had an interest in alchemy for many years. I took over his laboratory in the chateau and began to experiment on my own. I wanted to give our magical herbs what they deserve: a purely natural and effective, science-based foundation, a new fragrant coat of essential oils and an elegant appearance. This entailed years of work and study and required the assistance of many experts, but ultimately the original Mcely Bouquet cosmetic range was born.
It was exactly how I imagined it; without compromise and made of the purest and highest quality ingredients. Each product is created in our chateau laboratory, where we always mix it fresh by hand in small batches. For a greater experience and mental relaxation I recommend that you use our Mcely Bouquet products to create your own private rituals. I am providing several of my own for inspiration. I hope they serve you well, rejuvenate your skin and uplift your spirit.
With love
Inéz Cusumano

Nine Flowers Tradition

At the end of June, the Midsummer Nine Flowers bloom at the edges St. George Forest at Chateau Mcely. According to ancient pagan lore, during the summer solstice the life-giving power of the sun briefly weakens and the powerful forces of the earth are manifested. 
For generations, experienced herbalist grandmothers diligently collected these Midsummer Flowers in early summer,
when the effective ingredients of herbs are at their highest level. They preferred collecting nine types of herbs, each of which comes from a different slope that receives various amounts of sunlight and has a different type of rich and nutritious soil which is typical for this area. The Nine Flowers collected from nine different slopes were then dried using ancient methods and then added to anti-inflammatory, soothing and cleansing teas, or were steeped in virgin vegetable oil, thereby gaining effective healing, regeneration or circulation balms for massage and wraps, or for beneficial bath oils. 
The number nine had a magical significance in traditional alchemical and astrological teachings, based on the belief in the divine order of the world and the universe into nine astral realms. During the memorable Marian Vision of 1849, the Celestial Queen told three girls in Mcely nine secrets. The medicinal extracts from the Nine Flowers were also used by local alchemists, supported by powerful patrons of the nearby castles, to produce an elixir of youth, health and beauty. To this day, we prepare for you at our chateau the regenerative and refreshing Nine Flower Drink, made from local solstice herbs according to the recipe of Mrs. Světla Dudková.


Natural Cosmetics for Nature  

By purchasing any product from our cosmetic collection, you help us restore nature in Mcely and the surrounding area. Chateau Mcely donates part of the proceeds from the sale of MCELY BOUQUET products to purchase dozens of trees each year. Thanks to our combined efforts, the nature in the Polabi (Elbe River) region is a bit more beautiful, and the fruit trees lining the paths and roads in the area are cheerful again.

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