Juniper Tonic, 10 ml

Room Aromatherapy

by Chateau Mcely

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Juniper Tonic, 10 ml

Pure essential oil aromatherapy blends to help you breathe more easily and create cleaner air using aroma lamps, diffusers, or a sauna to create an exceptional atmosphere, a sense of calm and harmony. Make time for yourself and your home rituals to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance. Create your own spa at home.

390 Kč

Essential oils: pine, juniper, lavender, Douglas fir, sage, lemongrass, vetiver

The aromatic elixir of this forest scent is based on soothing and grounded juniper, pine trees for easier breathing, and Douglas fir to evoke an optimistic atmosphere. This woody blend is underscored by the herbal scents of relaxing sage, lemongrass to promote a positive outlook, and exotic relaxing vetiver. The fragrance composition and effects of Juniper Tonic were inspired by the tradition of Slovak juniper brandy Spišská borovička, based on aromatic juniper berries.

Use: Like Spišská borovička, Juniper Tonic smells wonderful, cleanses the air, gives you strength, soothes, comforts, improves your mood, and lets you forget about pain. We recommend using it whenever your mood needs improving, to refresh the air and calm your emotions. It is therefore suitable for evening relaxation before heading to sleep.

MCELY BOUQUET Tip: For longer-lasting scent, we recommend that you sprinkle a few drops of the blend on cotton pads and place them in a drawer or other small space.

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children.


Ceramic Aromalamp, CZK 1 990
We recommend a large ceramic aroma lamp. An exceptional large ceramic aroma lamp specially and traditionally handmade with love for the MCELY BOUQUET Collection in a small pottery workshop. This container can hold a greater amount of water and a larger candle can be placed underneath it. Thus it provides fragrance for a longer time without having to add water or exchange candles. The aroma lamp is cleverly wrapped in a hat box.

Home aromatherapy: Put a few drops of the blend into your diffuser or aroma lamp to refresh the space around you.

Direct inhalation: Breathe in directly from the bottle when you need to calm down and lift your mood quickly.

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