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Mcely Bouquet

What are essential oils (EO) and how are they obtained?
Essential oils are aromatic volatile substances derived from plant oils. Plant oils are found in different parts of the plant - in their flowers, fruits, and roots. They are extracted using various technologies, the most common of which is steam distillation.

What are herbal extracts and how are they obtained?
The easiest way to obtain herbal extracts is by infusing the herbs in oil. For MCELY BOUQUET cosmetics, we infuse herbs in the highest quality, pure, natural organic oil for several months right in the chateau laboratory. We use 10 to 12 kg of herbs per kilogram of extract.

Why doesn’t MCELY BOUQUET produce traditional “creams” and “gels”?
When producing MCELY BOUQUET cosmetics, we don’t use any water, something that is very important when making creams and gels. Traditional creams are up to 70% water, plus preservatives and active ingredients. MCELY BOUQUET products don’t contain any water, therefore no preservatives are needed and 100% of the product is active ingredients. In our Royal Herbal Spritz and Calendula Face Mask, we use floral water, which is a by-product of the EO distillation process. This water contains the power of the herbs that were distilled through it, and thanks to this distillation, it has a long shelf life.

Do lumps in MCELY BOUQUET products have any effect on their quality?
No. Lumps are proof that MCELY BOUQUET cosmetics are completely natural. Changes in the consistency of natural products have no effect on its quality. The shea butter we use can be unpredictable and can sometimes return to its original consistency, which leads to lumps forming. Just warm the product in your hand when using and smooth out the lumps with your fingers.

Why do MCELY BOUQUET products sometimes differ in color?
The products can vary in color due to the EO they contain. The color of the EO is affected by the flowers they are made from. Where a plant grows, in which area, at what time, and in particular, under what weather conditions - all these things are important. And they all affect the color of the EO and therefore our products.

Why are MCELY BOUQUET products not stored in lightweight plastic containers?
Glass protects our products against UV rays, giving them a longer shelf life. In addition, undesirable substances could leach from plastic containers into the products.

Why are MCELY BOUQUET cosmetics more expensive?
The price of the product depends on the price of the ingredients. For example, our Rose Night Serum (30 ml) contains 4,267 rose petals, or 21 rose petals in just two drops of serum. If you buy cream, which must contain about 70% water in order to maintain its consistency, it means that no great demands are made on the ingredients used, and it therefore can be sold at a low price. No water is used at all during the production of organic MCELY BOUQUET cosmetics - they contain only active ingredients: pure natural high quality butters, oils, herbal extracts, and EO.

Are the skincare products suitable for men and children as well?
Yes, our skincare products are not only for women. The purpose of our pure natural products is not only to care for skin, but also to provide therapeutical benefits, to take advantage how scents act on our senses. So it’s only a question of which scents are more appealing to men. Some of the most popular products for men are our Yarrow Bath Oil, Mint Foot Relief, Honey Lip Balm, Calendula Face Mask, and Wild Thyme Hand Balm. For children we recommend only products from our Princess Nely line or our Soothing Camomile Oil, which contain a lower percentage of EO and are suitable for their sensitive skin.

Are the skincare products suitable for pregnant women?
The best product for pregnant women is our White Chocolate Balm from the Princess Nely collection. It contains camomile extracts and a deeply nourishing and regenerating blend of cocoa butter, beeswax, and macadamia oil. Due to the absence of essential oils, it is very gentle, suitable for anyone’s sensitive skin, not just children and those suffering from allergies. It’s effective against fatigue, stress, and nervousness.

Are MB skincare products suitable for all types of skin?
Yes, our skincare products contain geranium oil, which is one of the few EO that has a stabilizing effect on sebaceous glands. It can support reduced functioning of sebaceous glands as well as suppress their overfunctioning. If you have extremely dry skin, we recommend our Melissa Face Balm. For normal, combination, or more mature skin, choose our Rose Night Serum, which has a high percentage of geranium. For oily skin, the lighter composition of our Rose Night Serum is beneficial thanks to apricot oil, which is easily absorbed.

Are the skincare products suitable for any age group? For children and for mature skin?
Thanks to their composition, MCELY BOUQUET products are suitable for any age group. We recommend that our products, such as Camomile Baby Oil or White Chocolate Balm, be used from age 3.

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