Daisy Body Oil, 100ml & Sage Body Scrub, 200ml

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by Chateau Mcely

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Sage Body Scrub, 200ml & Daisy Body Oil, 100ml

MCELY BOUQUET Tip for Spring
You’ll receive a gift (herbal detox tea)
from us when you purchase these two products.

2 540 Kč

Sage Body Scrub, 200 ml
This mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea salt and precious essential oils gently removes dead cells and leaves your skin velvet smooth and youthful. Extracts of five local herbs and nine essential oils led by sage, wild thyme and myrrh clean the pores, regenerate the complexion and provide relief from nervous exhaustion, insomnia and tired muscles. It envelops you gently in a veil, which will regenerate and smooth out your skin for several hours after your bath.

Daisy Body Oil, 100 ml
The most exclusive experience for the woman who deserves the best. The three noblest essences in the world – jasmine, rose and neroli – will transform you into a queen of day and night. They release tension, increase self-confidence, liberate you from prejudice, awaken desire and heighten your joy of life. Extract of local daisy firms the breasts, while the blend of precious oils with herbal extracts smoothes out the skin, improves its elasticity, and heals stretch marks and scars.

Present for you: Spring Liver Detox
Ingredients: milk thistle, calendula, agrimony, yarrow
Try our herbal detox tea, made from soothing herbs that support liver function and help the body eliminate toxins. The basic blend of yarrow, calendula, and agrimony support liver and gallbladder function. The primary antioxidant – milk thistle – supports natural immunity and harmonizes digestion. Put two teaspoons of this herbal blend into your mug and pour over about 250 ml of hot water and let steep for a maximum of 5 minutes. Drink ideally twice daily, sweeten with a bit of honey if necessary.

Offer valid until May 31, 2020 or while supplies last.

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