Calendula Face Mask

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by Chateau Mcely

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Calendula Face Mask, 100 ml

1 250 Kč

The instant “Mcely Miracle”. Fine green clay stimulates blood flow to the skin, absorbs all inpurities and excess oil. A rejuvenating effect is achieved with precious essential oils and with the high content of minerals in the clay and Dead Sea salts. Calendula extract heals, calms, and softens the skin. The mixture of essential oils and herbal extracts was formulated to tighten the skin, add radiance and balance the production of sebum whilst ridding the mind of negative thoughts and exhaustion.

100 ml

Face masks in powder form are currently the trend with exclusive brands as they offer maximum effect.
Your face mask is always freshly made and absolutely at its best.
The powder form is completely free of preservatives, and thanks to this new consistency, it lasts longer.

Calendula, green clay, himalayan salt, rose, frankincense.

Combine with Rose Conditioning Mist to create your desired consistency – for skin that’s more dry, use more Conditioning Mist; for oilier skin, use less. The product is suitable for all skin types – it’s entirely up to you how you prepare it and how long you let the mask work. With its elegant bowl and brush, you can indulge in a mini cosmetic ritual and enjoy an uplifting experience when you prepare the mask.

 Apply generously all over your face avoiding eyes and lips and allow it to work for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and follow with your daily moisturizer or Rose Facial Serum.

Mcely Glow

Sea Buckthorn Eye Balm, Rosemary Butter Cleanser, Royal Herbal Spritz, Rose Conditioning Mist, Divine Herbal Cream, Rose Facial Serum, Calendula Face Mask, Saint John’s Wort Hair Elixir

Even after the busiest of days, take a few minutes to cleanse your face for a little mental refreshment. Remove your eye makeup with Sea Buckthorn Eye Balm, which moisturizes and rejuvenates the area around your eyes while helping to prevent wrinkles. Then massage your face and décolleté with fragrant Rosemary Butter Cleanser. Soak a washcloth in hot water and apply it to your face, thoroughly removing all impurities and simulating an express steam bath for your face while indulging in gentle exfoliation. The skin will be better prepared to take advantage of the regenerating effects of the products. After drying, continue toning with Royal Herbal Spritz or natural Rose Conditioning Mist. Finally, apply Divine Herbal Cream or a few drops of Rose Facial Serum on your still-damp face. Once a week, or before an event when you need to look especially radiant, add a miraculous Calendula Face Mask to your cleansing ritual between the cleansing and toning steps. Enjoy the incredibly broad spectrum of the mask’s effects. Take advantage of the time you spend cleansing your face to clear and stop your flow of thoughts. Focus on the aromas of the essential oils to help you do this. We recommend adding a regenerating hair wrap using Saint John’s Wort Hair Elixir to the ritual once a week.

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